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Mediation according to the P2B Regulation

Have your disputes mediated by someone who knows the platform business.

The BVOH offers – in implementation of the EU P2B Directive and also beyond – all interested parties the opportunity to settle disputes through a mediator of the BVOH. The target groups are online platforms and online marketplaces, online brokerage services and comparable online offers, platform traders and manufacturers, brand owners and logistics service providers (shippers) as well as all commercial parties involved in online trade in the German-speaking language area.

The mediation service is not aimed at consumers.

You are not getting anywhere with the complaints procedure at a platform / marketplace? Your account has been blocked or the sales are not being paid out? You are not allowed to sell a brand on marketplaces?

The BVOH helps to find a quick solution. Use mediation or dispute resolution between traders and platform / marketplace / manufacturer, an offer of the Bundesverband Onlinehandel e.V. on the basis of the Europe-wide P2B regulation.

The following platforms have appointed the BVOH as mediator:

  • eBay
  • eBay Classifieds
  • mobile
  • Real
  • Groupon
  • DocMorris Marketplac
  • MIVO Employee Benefits GmbH
  • MyHammer
Reasons for mediation

The following incidents can be a reason for mediation:

Case opening / buyer protection case
Account Suspension / Account Blocking / Account Suspension
Account take over / account hacked
Item deletion / Deletion of items
Sales authorisation / Restriction
Violation of terms and conditions, data protection, guidelines
VeRI programme / VeRi / VeRo / trademark infringement
Platform does not pay out credit
Enforce rule violations by other sellers
Seller Standards / Seller Performance
Returns policy

If you have already gone through the platform / marketplace complaint procedure and have not been able to reach an agreement, mediation under new EU law is a way to find a quick solution.

Please note that Amazon does not accept mediation requests from sellers or mediators other than those appointed by Amazon.

The following mediators are available to you at the BVOH

Oliver Prothmann

President BVOH, Commercial judge at the Berlin District, Court Visiting professor (Qingdao, CN), Marketplace expert for over 15 years

Wolfgang Wentzel

Lawyer in the field of online trade law, Representative for the management of the BVOH

Cindy Mattern

Head of the BVOH capital office, Specialist for eBay, Communications expert, Mediator according to MediationG

Prerequisite of a mediation

There are three prerequisites in the process of the BVOH for the start of a mediation:

The trader have gone through the complaint management process on the platform.
The trader has filled out the mediation application online on the BVOH and paid the mediation fee.
The platform accepts the mediation process after the BVOH has reviewed it and forwarded it to the platform.

Start P2B mediation request

You hereby apply for mediation or dispute resolution between merchant and platform / marketplace / manufacturer, an offer of the Bundesverband Onlinehandel e.V. based on the EU P2B Regulation.

It’s that simple:

Fill out the mediation application online here
Transfer the mediation fee (instructions in the application)

… and you have already initiated your mediation procedure.

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