Marketplaces across Europe – eCommerce is much more than just Amazon and eBay

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Over 220 online marketplaces prove the popularity and wide variety within European eCommerce

39 Internet marketplaces in Germany alone, 24 in France or 14 in Italy – in total over 220 online marketplaces throughout the whole of Europe demonstrate the popularity of eCommerce among customers. “Even if many consumers are still not aware of this, eCommerce is so much more than just Amazon and eBay. In addition to these ‘top dogs’, many other marketplaces have established themselves, and are well able to meet the very specific wishes of the customer”, says Oliver Prothmann, President of the Federal Association of eCommerce. (BVOH).

Altogether, over 50 companies offer more than 220 marketplaces within Europe. This has now been researched by the BVOH and put together in a large map.

Online marketplaces in Europe – amazing variety

The basic idea of online marketplaces is their possibility to provide one platform for different merchants to offer their goods. In this respect, they do not differ much from the local weekly markets or shopping centres. But a marketplace is not always just a marketplace. “There are very different approaches, which is the attraction of many online marketplaces in Europe,” says Oliver Prothmann.

Most marketplaces differ significantly from their competitors. The mechanisms used by the providers are highly variable with for instance open and closed markets. In the former the etailer can register themselves, where as with the latter, the operator decides who may or may not be included. Marketplaces differ often also in the types of offer (buy now, auction, classified) and also the possibility of whether the transaction – the change of ownership – takes place directly within the marketplace or only upon delivery of the goods.

A third crucial difference is the mode of operation. Is the marketplace operated by a merchnat (Amazon, Otto, Pixmania, Zalando) or by a marketplace operator without its own sale intentions on this marketplace (Allyouneed, eBay, Rakuten)? In this way, online marketplaces provide just the right kind of offer for each customer and is thus becoming a service that is used more and more.

Marketplaces are also significant for sellers from neighbouring countries

The “Top-50 Online Marketplaces” listing, according to the traffic in relation to one other, shows the most significant foreign marketplaces. The Polish marketplace for instance ranks number 7 on the list.

At the eCommerce Day conference on 9 September 2015, merchants in Berlin can see for themselves the strengths of Eastern European marketplaces.

BVOH Marktplatz Karte marketplaces map EU
Overview on Marketplaces across Europe (download the whole map by clicking on the picture)
Pressrelease: 150708 Marketplaces across Europe – eCommerce is much more than just Amazon and eBay


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Amazon Zalando groupon.po Home24 Plus
Chrono24 Rakuten Limundo Spartoo MiniInTheBox Fruugo


TOP 50

(in relevance of traffic data by and SimilarWeb on July, 4th 2015)

Rang URL Country Category Operator
1 DE all Merchant
2 UK all Merchant
3 DE all neutral
4 UK all neutral
5 FR all Merchant
6 IT all Merchant
7 PL all neutral
8 ES all Merchant
9 IT all neutral
10 DE Automotive neutral
11 FR all neutral
12 FR all Merchant
13 NL all neutral
14 TR all neutral
15 UK all Merchant
16 ES all neutral
17 DE all Merchant
18 FR all neutral
19 DE Fashion Merchant
20 FR all neutral
21 IT all neutral
22 FR Fashion neutral
23 FR all neutral
24 IT all Merchant
25 CH all neutral
26 CZ all neutral
27 UK all Merchant
28 IE all neutral
29 AT all neutral
30 IT Fashion Merchant
31 UA all neutral
32 DE all Merchant
33 SE all neutral
34 FR all Merchant
35 DK all neutral
36 BE all neutral
37 FR Fashion neutral
38 RU all neutral
39 FR Fashion Merchant
40 IT Technology Merchant
41 HU all neutral
42 PL Fashion Merchant
43 DE Fashion neutral
44 BE all neutral
45 DE all neutral
46 DE Home&Garden Merchant
47 PL all neutral
48 ES Fashion Merchant
49 PL all Merchant
50 NL all neutral

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